Private Class (ongoing)


Kids Ages 7+

Meeting once a week for private classes specifically tailors for talented individuals to learn and develop craft of classical drawing/painting. 
This class covers fundamentals of classical drawing, and develops in the student solid knowledge of the Five P's: proportion, placement, perspective, planes and pattern. To build on this the class continues exploration of the Five C's: conception, construction, contour, character and consistency.
Ongoing classes continue with covering fundamentals of classical painting, and develops solid knowledge of color theory, paint application and media handling. We will work on still life setting starting with drawing in pencil sketch and continue with watercolor applications (materials provided).

After covering fundamentals of drawing, private class covers fundamentals of portrait drawing, and develops in student solid knowledge of head building, landmarks of bones and muscles of the head, blocks and plans, and proper drawing of features.

Each week students will receive homework, and the following week the teacher will provide feedback/corrections to progress made outside of class.
All classes taught by BFA/MFA artists with love for kids, passion for teaching, and honor to pass on timeless craft of art for future generations.

PRIVATE Drawing/Painting

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    • Courses may cancel on or before the first scheduled class meeting if enrollment is insufficient. If a class is canceled or rescheduled, you may request a transfer to another class; otherwise, you will receive a full refund for the class that was canceled.
    • We strive to keep our classes small (up to 5 kids). Sorry, we cannot "swap" some sessions/days if you miss a class. 
    • No refunds for NO SHOW.
    • It's a DROP OFF class, parents cannot stay during class duration, its distracting for all students. 
    • If class gets overbooked, we can add you on wait list or offer private instructions - please contact us.

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